Enjoy This Moment

It was a very busy time in my life when I had two small children in diapers. It's a period in life where people keep reminding you to enjoy it, but all you can think of is when will the season be over. I knew they were right--children grow up so fast. I knew that someday I would look back at those times when they were little boys and wish that I could have one of those days back.

Putting a baby down for a nap is a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, you're looking forward to some free time from the demanding responsibilities of parenthood. But, on the other hand, you know that actually getting the child to go to sleep can be a stressful job.

One of my sons was particularly hard at nap time when he was a baby. I can remember wearing ear plugs to soften the sound of his initial screaming, or even setting a timer so I could give him five minutes to try and fall asleep on his own. Usually, I was anxious to move on to my other tasks for the day, but I remember one day when I lingered.

I remember that day well. Whether it was my own thought or the sound of the Lord speaking to me, I don't know. But I lingered. I decided to hold my baby boy instead of putting him into his crib. I just stood there, holding him. As I took a few paces across the room, I was keenly aware that it was just the two of us. Like holding the lens of a camera open for too long, I was determined to burn the memory of that moment on my heart forever.

Eventually, I emerged from my son’s room and I was greeted by the obvious question from his mother. “What happened? Why did you stay in there so long?” The answer came easily, as if not from my own mind. Someday I am going to look back at this day, this exact moment in my life, and be glad I lingered. Life gets busy, but it’s these moments that give it meaning.

We all have a future, but it's those little moments along the way that determine whether it has meaning. I will continue to remember that day with my son many years ago and treasure it in my heart. I will use it as a reminder to continue to make make new memories. Someday, I will look back at today and I will be glad that even in the busy seasons of life, I took the time to enjoy the journey.